Dare-Dynamic Productions

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What do we do?

Currently Dare Dynamics offers a full range of different services. we have covered Weddings, Live performances, Short films, instructional videos and pretty much anything else you can name that would involve the use of filming and editing. 

If you're an actor and interested in having a showreel piece made, get in touch and we'll write, direct and edit a truly customisable personal piece you can have in your showreel - shot in full HD quality. 

Are you in a band and think you would like either a gig or music video for your website? Well get in touch!

Have a script sat around on your desk for years? Well lets get it made! No project is too big or too small.

Editing and Colour Grading 

We offer full editing services across either Adobe Premier Pro or Final cut. We have outsourced editors who can work with Avid so get in touch if you want to get in contact with our team to see what we can offer. We offer Showreel edits, colour corrections and film edit packages to help you complete your project. 

Script Development and Pitching Advice

Currently we also offer a script consultation service where we will give you ideas and tips to improve structure and writing within the script. This can be done either online or in person with our head of production. This will sometimes be outsourced to other industry professionals or our head of the team; Sherice Griffiths who works with Fox as a development assistant, will be able to help you directly. This service also includes advice on creating pitches, treatments and a guide to who you should be contacting in the industry. 

Filming Services

At Dare Dynamic Productions our favourite thing to do is make films. We make short films, film live events and even help you make a scene for a showreel. We love to be creative so see what we can offer you. We have full Public Liability insurance and equipment insurance so we can hire the tools we need to best serve each project. We have a range of our own equipment from mini jibs, sliders and Samyang Lenses to sound recorders and lighting.

Scheduling Service

We offer a comprehensive film scheduling service for short films and feature films. Our team have worked across international feature films to provide detailed and accurate shooting schedules. A good schedule can be the difference between getting a greenlight and getting the door shut on your project.